Most Australians do not live active lives, despite wanting to experience the range of benefits that come with being active. Too often the blame for inactivity is levelled at the individual. This is unfair. The opportunity to lead an active life needs to be supported at a range of levels,  and in many cases, it is factors outside the direct control of individuals that determines their ability to be active. All levels of government have a large role to play in supporting people’s ability to live an active life from building cities that encourage activity to appropriately funding, and resourcing physical activity in healthcare.


With the launch of ESSA for an Active Nation, Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is shining a spotlight on physical activity.


We want every person to experience the physical, mental and social health benefits of living an active life. 


We want physical activity and exercise to be valued through appropriate resourcing and funding. 


We want to make sure that being active is not reserved for only those that can afford to pay.