Over six million Australians aged between 18 and 64 are not sufficiently active, despite wanting to experience the range of benefits that come with being active. Too often the blame for inactivity is levelled at the individual. 


This is unfair.


Join our mission to inspire and support a more active nation. With chronic diseases like obesity, mental health and heart disease at an all-time high, and the evidence of how physical activity can prevent and effectively treat these issues, ESSA is campaigning:

  • for all Australians to get more active
  • to government and community stakeholders for more equitable access to exercise services and programs to support all Australians to become more physically active.


Several Australian states and territories are heading into elections this year and ESSA is advocating to stakeholders in political parties and non-government organisations across allied health, sport and recreation, and public, private and community health sectors to commit to building a nation where everyone is supported to be active.


Australians deserve better support and more access to exercise services and programs to become more physically active.

This Campaign Aims To

Promote Access, Fairness and Quality in the development of health and aged care policies on exercise services provided by accredited exercise physiologists and exercise scientists.



– Propose priority policies in four important areas (aged care, mental health, private health insurance and Medicare Benefits Schedule) that cement physical activity and exercise services as essential in health and aged care.



Seek support from the Australian Government to commit more resources in the next Federal Budget to ensure all Australians can access exercise services provided by accredited exercise physiologists and exercise scientists.



– Seek support from key stakeholders in the health, aged care and sport sectors to facilitate and create opportunities for consumers to better access to services and programs that will increase their physical activity levels.


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"Exercise is medicine … when you enjoy it: exercise enjoyment, relapse prevention efficacy, and health outcomes for youth within a drug and alcohol treatment service"


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